Welcome to Universal Life Church Supplies

Universal Church Supplies is a division of Universal Life Church Ministries, and is operated by various members of the Universal Life Church. Our goal is to supply our ministers with religious clergy apparel and supplies for their home churches such as bibles, crucifixes, pastoral mass kits, and other decorative religious items.

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We provide an excellent catalog of Catholic Church supplies in addition to supplies for the general Christian, Jewish, Islamic, and other religious communities. This catalog includes books such as Bibles and hymnals for Catholic, Protestant, Anglican, Episcopalian, and many otherChristian ministries, along with reading materials and holy books for other faiths. You will also find Biblical commentary, Baptist, evangelical and atheist publications, books on Christian apologetics, works on comparative religion, scholarly and religious criticism, biographies and hagiographies, essays and compendia, educational books, and other informative literature from secular humanist and Christian publishers alike. We will be regularly updating this catalog with new releases relevant to all contemporary faiths, doctrine, trends, and issues, as well as issues relevant to other religions, faith groups, and spiritual traditions, from Wicca to Buddhism.

In addition to these reading materials, our store will include a wide selection of products for a variety of religious services and ceremonies. Browsing our catalog, you will find supplies for weddings, funeral services, baptisms and christenings, confirmation, and the Eucharist, as well as furnishings for your altar or place of worship. These include holy water, anointing oil, Communion cups and bread, sacramental wines and supplies for wedding officiants. Our store also provides supplies for other types of religious service and ceremony, from Shabbat candles and other Judaic to incense, chalices, cauldrons, and other products for the pagan-wiccan community.

Universal Church Supplies will also be providing an array of religious gifts and accessories. In our store you will find jewelry and rosaries,usic and DVDs, software, picture frames, candles, candlesticks and holders, statuary, and other inspiring home décor to reflect your faith. For our ordained ministers, we will also be providing formal clerical apparel, vestments, and clothing, including clergy shirts, stoles, cassocks, chasubles, collars, and albs.

This store is brought you by the ULC. We are happy to be the vendor and supplier for all your ministry needs.